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Proceeds Help First Responders, Disabled Veterans and Battered Women's Shelters

We love firearms. We hate how there are dealers and manufacturers out there who use that love against us to increase their bonuses and bottom line. Silent Wolf Armament was created to fill the unfortunately massive void in “FOR THE CUSTOMER” FFL dealers. You deserve to get the firearms and unconstitutionally regulated items that is your RIGHT to have without spending all your hard earned money. Our goal is to fulfill your firearm/NFA itch while keeping more money in your pocket and more food on your table. Here at Silent Wolf Armament we will not only call one distributor and tell you it is that price or go somewhere else. You are our first priority. We will contact multiple distributors, manufacturers and other dealers to find you the lowest price we can. Now let’s be realistic, we are not as big as Buds Guns, Gun Broker or Silencer Shop. For those that do not know, the firearm industry goes by tier pricing. The more firearms a dealers moves the less the dealers cost. We are not a big dealer (yet!!!) so we may not be able to beat the big guys all the time. Fortunately for our customers the times when we are not able to beat and/or match has been few and far in between. Thanks to Silent Wolf Armaments approach of merging the old ways with the new as an FFL dealer. A portion of all of our profits goes to our Local and State Law Enforcement Agencies, the bigger dealers and pawn shops fill their pockets.

Silent Wolf Armament doesn’t just Back the Blue, we embody it.


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