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Proceeds Help First Responders, Disabled Veterans and Battered Women's Shelters

Firearm Sales & Transfers

If you don't see the Firearm you want listed, give us a call or shoot us an email we will go above and beyond just calling or checking only one distributor to get you the firearm of your dreams for the lowest price we can. We are constantly growing and adding new items, just because it isn't listed doesn't mean we can't get it. We also do FREE firearm transfers for all First Responders (LE/FD/EMT) and Veterans for pickup at SWA. All other firearm transfers are $20 for pickup at SWA.

NFA Sales & Transfers

You know the firearms and/or silencers that should be easier for a legally able citizen to get. We make the process of your purchasing, paperwork and receiving them as easy as possible for you. So you can sit back, relax and enjoy your new toy. Silent Wolf Armament has partnered with Silencer Shop to offer our customers as many silencers as possible. There are no transfer fees if you purchase a silencer from Silencer Shop or from SWA directly. If your NFA item is not listed, please give us a call or shoot us an email. We are constantly growing and adding new items, just because it isn't listed doesn't mean we can't get it.


We take pride in our ability to modify, enhance and/or repair your firearm that you worked hard to get. For the sake of our customers we will not bend DDTC's 2016 ruling. Some do, some get caught. Why give the ATF and the DDTC more ammunition? We currently do not offer bluing, however we are planning on it in the future. If you don't see your service listed, give us a call. More then likely we offer it.


Cerakote services are available at $60 per section for the first two sections then $50 per section for each additional section. Additional $15 for not in our stock colors. This is not for us, it goes straight to the shipping company. Custom designs/camo are able to be done with pricing on a case by case basis. As almost none are the same. Give us a call or shoot us an email a picture of the design you would like for a quote.

Sight Changes

We do sight changes for all dovetailed handguns (1911, Glock, S&W, Ruger, Springfield Armory, Remington, Beretta, etc). Front and Rear sight change is charged unless you purchase the sights from us (SWA). If you purchase them from us the change is FREE.

Action Tune/Trigger Jobs

Whether you want your 1911 to have a glass rod break, your polymer pistol to not need he man strength to pull the trigger or your revolver to have a smooth pull SWA has got you covered.

Scope Mounting

At SWA we don't just mount your scope and call it a day. Your rings will be aligned, mounted, lapped (if necessary) then your scope will be mounted, balanced, leveled and bore sighted. All of which is done for FREE if the scope and mounts/rings are purchased through SWA. All is done for a low fee if not purchased from SWA.

Slide Milling for Red Dot

We can Mill the Slide for most Glocks (except 42 & 43) for Burris FFIII, Deltapoint Pro, RMR, Venom, Viper or 507C. We can Mill the Slide for the CZ P07 & P09 for RMR or 507C. We can Mill the Slide for the CZ P10 for RMR, Venom or 507C. We can Mill the Slide for the Sig P320 for RMR, Viper or 507C. Our Optic Sight Cut Package is $250 and includes the Removing of Stock Sights, Milling, Cerakoting, Installing Removed Sights (or supplied sights), Installing Optic (if supplied or purchased from SWA) and Bore Sighting Optic at 25yds. If your Firearm is not listed above unfortunately at this time we don't offer Milling services for it. We are always working to add more models to the list.

Law Enforcement

5.11 and Tru-Spec uniforms, field wear, vests, carriers and patrol bags are available for our Local and State Law Enforcement Agencies. Average turn around time is 5-7 business days after ordering, unless we have them on location. At this time these are only available face to face at SWA due to restrictive requirements from the manufacturers.

Demo & Rentals

Who doesn't want to shoot a Select Fire? That's what we thought. Available for Demo & Rental is a Kriss Vector 45 SMG capable of Semi-Auto, 2 Round Burst and Full-Auto (1200 rounds per minute). Along with an SWA Custom Stag-16 in 556 (850 rounds per minute). Each Rental fee is for one person, the firearm and up to 200rds fired. Ammo is separate, can be customer supplied or purchased. At this time Aguila, Federal, Winchester and PMC FMJ rounds only. ABSOLUTELY NO HANDLOADS. The picture shows the SMG with an AAC 45M Suppressor (also available for demo/rental). The SMG has very little recoil, even being chambered in 45ACP, due to it's recoil management system. We have had 90lb women fire it and the 556 in Full-Auto with absolutely no issues. Check out our Gallery page for videos.


Unfortunately because of the current laws, not a lot of people are able to see or handle suppressors before purchase. Currently there are four silencers available for demo/rental that cover .308, .223/5.56, 45ACP, 9mm and 22lr. Not only does your Rental include these but also host firearms. More Short Barrel Rifles and Suppressors for Rental are coming soon.

No One Trick Pony

We do more then just AR-15/AR-10 and polymer pistol customizing. Whether you want your hunting rifle tuned up, your firearm cleaned, your first firearm customized or your firearms to be better then your friends, SWA has you covered. Our Gunsmith will do everything up to the DDTC ITAR requirements. Are there other Gunsmiths that will go beyond those requirements without being documented as such, absolutely. However Silent Wolf Armament has found that working with the ATF and DDTC to get your constitutional rights less regulated provides a lot more results then not. We have also seen first hand, to others not Silent Wolf Armament, more then a few unregistered (DDTC ITAR) gunsmiths get fined so much they had to go out of business. Along with the gunsmiths work (the customers firearms) being confiscated as back payment towards the gunsmiths registration and fines. Take your chances if you want, we won't and won't put your hard earned property at risk.


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